The story of a St Catherine's girl

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Year 10

Drama Year 10
The teachers are all fantastic and the students are great.”

Boarding bonds

Harriet is a boarding student from Dubbo who embraced the School culture from the word go and never looked back. In Year 9 the focus is on academic organisation, positive psychology and making the most of opportunities and Harriet does just that and with a huge smile on her face.

“At St Catherine’s the things I most enjoy are the resources, people and opportunities. This school offers me a high standard and high quality education, providing endless resources such as tutors and clinics to help if I have any trouble.”

Harriet excels in drama, dance and sport and is part of the choir. She also performed in the St Catherine’s Musical ‘Seussical’ and the Scots School’s production of ‘Spamalot’. “I met many new people, made new friends and improved my skills in musical theatre, acting and singing,” Harriet said. “It was an extremely exciting and interesting experience.”
Harriet’s teachers know her as a student who is dedicated to being the best she can be. She represents the School in swimming and plays water polo and soccer. She is improving her public speaking and reasoning skills in Archdale debating and puts back into the community through service education such as the Red Shield Appeal.
Harriet takes her hallmark positive attitude with her into the Boarding house too and among boarders and day girls she has developed many strong relationships. “The teachers are all fantastic and the students are great,” she said. “I have made lifelong friends here that I will cherish forever.”