The story of a St Catherine's girl

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Amber and Zoe
Year 8

Community Year 8
I like all the girls there, and the staff are a great help also.”

Twins boarding taster

Amber and Zoe Hayes are twins and temporary boarders at St Catherine’s. They live locally but stay in the boarding house while their mother works overseas. Boarding can be arranged for any student, when their circumstances mean they need to live-in for a while.

Being in the boarding house has certainly helped them develop strong relationships across different Year groups and within the boarding community. The twins have the support of older girls, a weekly tutor and the “really clever” boarding mistresses who help them with their school work.

Zoe says she enjoys the boarding environment and has made lots of new friends. “I like all the girls there, and the staff are a great help.” she said.

Outside of school hours they have access to all the schools facilities and they play a wide variety of sports including tennis and gymnastics. Zoe says she has also been able to keep up her passion for horse riding while her mum has been away. “I enjoy having a strong bond with my horse and all my riding friends, she said.