12 September 2014

Under the sea

The audience beamed with delight as Junior School Stage 3 took to the stage for their big performance of Disney's The Little Mermaid Junior.

Year's 5 and 6 spent months practicing songs and perfecting dance routines in eager anticipation of the show which was a great success.

All the hard work paid off as hundreds of parents, friends and siblings enjoyed the fantastic shows which ran over three days. The girls faces lit up as they tried on their bright and colourful costumes for the first time. On the night they emerged on stage as some of their favourite Disney characters and sea creatures and they danced and sang on shore and under the sea.

Mrs Jenny Birrell the Director and Music Director of the production said "each performance was outstanding. It was fantastic to see the sheer joy on the girls faces as they realised they were bringing a beautiful story to life through music and movement."

"I am so proud, the girls are very talented and have been a joy to work with. They have shown such dedication and motivation and have been so eager to learn."

We look forward to the next exciting Junior School musical performance.