01 February 2014

HSC Results Class of 2013

​We congratulate the Class of 2013 on their outstanding HSC results. With 41% of girls receiving an ATAR of 90 or above and nine students receiving Premier’s Awards, St Catherine’s was ranked 33rd in New South Wales.

These are excellent results and we are so proud of the girls and their dedicated teachers who worked with determination and commitment to achieve these superb results.

The great depth of the cohort was seen in St Catherine’s receiving 135 mentions across 32 courses on the Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers list from a cohort of 83 students. We were also very proud to see our girls nominated in every HSC showcase including three for Encore (music), one for CallBack (dance), one for ArtExpress (visual arts), one for Design Tech (design and technology) and one for Young Writers’ Showcase (English extension 2).

Other extraordinary achievements included placing second and third in the state for music 1 with both students scoring a perfect 100%. We secured ninth place in studies of religion and all students studying French continuers and English extension 2 were placed in the top performance band.

It is interesting to see our performance in comparison to the state and the table indicates subjects where students performed at twice above the state mean.

HSCTable_510x414.jpg Of particular interest is the strong correlation of study patterns to successful ATAR scores. Our key finding indicates that students with a minimum of 11 units of study, outperformed the ATAR achievement of those with only 10 units.

Trends reflect that girls who had the most rigorous study patterns were the strongest performers in the HSC. The girls who achieved the top two ATAR scores were students studying 13 units. Our other Premier’s Award winners studied either 11 or 12 units. It is clear that a rigorous pattern of study, hard work and setting high expectations, are key factors in a successful HSC performance.

Ms Bernardine Knorr, Head of Teacher Excellence