01 July 2014

Celebrating Eminence

​Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafazai, Vincent Van Gough and Mother Theresa were just some of the many eminent people whose lives and achievements were celebrated by Year 6 students at this year’s fantastic Evening of Eminence.

The girls took to the stage dressed as their eminent character of choice and offered the audience an insight into their lives through the clever use of poetry.

 As part of the curriculum for Term 2, the girls have learned about people of influence and the acts of courage, bravery, talent and heroism they showed. Many have now passed on, leaving behind a legacy of invaluable history and for many, great social change. The girls’ growing knowledge was reflected in  artworks and written projects as well as a stall they designed for the event.
Parents, family and friends visited the students’ stalls and indulged in culinary delights while asking the girls questions about their eminent person. Each girl did a marvellous job of passing on their knowledge; staying in character all night. Visitors left inspired, well fed and with bags full of hand-made souvenirs.
Head of Junior School Ms Sarah Guy said, “St Catherine’s students are leaders of the future and the Evening of Eminence showed us just how courageous, talented and creative our girls already are. Their hard work, grit and determination on this project has been admirable and is a real indicator for the future of our girls.”