16 February 2018

Year 8 girls Travel4Good

​​​The journey to Uganda for four Year 8 girls and their mothers began in 2016 when Annabelle Chauncy OAM, the CEO and founding director of the School for Life Foundation spoke at the junior school speech day. Annabelle shared her journey from a volunteer in Uganda at the age of 21 to building a charity over the last 10 years that now provides education, food and water to over 560 students in rural Uganda across three schools. Inspired by what Annabelle has achieved, the girls were keen to contribute, and School for Life's Travel4Good program has provided a very personal and life-changing opportunity to do so.

Charlotte Williams, Bella McGeechan, Phoebe Treweeke, Charlotte Le Poer Trench and their mothers will be heading to Uganda in July 2018. Their trip will see them volunteering in the schools and helping in the classrooms. They will learn about the vocational programs which have been set up to sustain the communities around the schools, visiting students' homes to experience first-hand what life in rural Uganda is like, learning about Ugandan culture and spending time with the local women and girls in the community.

To be a part of this life-changing experience, the girls have committed to raising $5000 each before they leave. They have been very busy selling chocolates, running Bunnings barbeques, door knocking, doing letterbox drops and talking to their own networks to ask for support. The girls are certainly making their mark having raised a collective $22,163 with another five months to go before they set off! To put that in real terms, this money will go towards educating, feeding and providing health care for 30 primary school students for the next year. 

The trip is sure to have its challenges as the girls step into a world that will be very different to their own. But there's no doubt that this experience will help them to develop a sense of gratitude for life at home, to expand their view of a global community, cultivate resilience and to contribute to change on a scale much larger than themselves.

Well done girls!