25 February 2015

Year 5's new tablets

​Year 5 girls are embracing learning with their sparkling new tablets! The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices are powerful, portable, personal computers and ideal for the needs of our learners.

Our Stage 3 ICT for Learning program has been in place for three years. Since its inception, the program has been driven by our knowledge of good teaching and learning practices and of how technology can be effectively incorporated into our programs. Learning remains our focus and is the driving force in the use of technology in the classroom.

As well as giving the girls ready access to a myriad of resources, the tablets provide opportunities for collaborative learning and experience in using and creating multi-media content. From a technical perspective, the tablets are light, versatile and ergonomically sound and they incorporate a stylus. We are delighted that our Year 5 girls are so enthusiastic about their technology enhanced learning programs.

Lucy Booth 5M: "It helps me do my homework. My favourite thing is the touch screen."

Coco Potgieter 5L: "I love the new Surface Pro 3s because they are bigger and better than the ones used in Year 3 and they are ours to keep.

Claudine Pembroke 5E: "It gives me more independence and I feel older and more responsible having them."

Ms Sarah Guy
Head of Junior School