21 October 2014

Year 12 wow the media

The passing of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had unexpected consequences for four of our Year 12's taking their HSC Modern History exam this week.

When Francesca Earp, Brodie Clark, Katie Murphy and Amy Thompson De Zylva left the examination hall there was a reporter and a videographer from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) waiting to interview them.

The reporter, Alex Smith Education Editor, wanted to find out if Gough Whitlam and his turbulent government still resonated with young people.

The girls had studied the Whitlam years in Year 10 and it was clear what they learned had made a big impression. "We loved Gough," they said and that statement made the headline in the story published in the online and newspaper versions of the SMH.

Coincidently, there was a question about the Whitlam Government in the Modern History HSC paper but our students didn’t answer it because they had studied either China or Germany in the National Study section of the syllabus.

View the video here.