08 May 2015

Women in the media

​What tips would you give our girls for entering the workforce? Were you confident at work coming straight out of education?

These were some of the questions tackled by three media industry specialists at St Catherine’s on Tuesday.
Ellie Rogers head of sales at Facebook, Michael Cordell CJZ TV's creative director and Kelly Baker, Shop Til You Drop magazine editor gave stimulating talks on 'Women in the media' and imparted their hard earned wisdom to the girls.
Discussed in the forum were issues such as: finding your path and voice in the business world and achieving equality for women in the workplace.
Our girls gained invaluable advice on how to enter the workforce with confidence. The speakers encouraged them to make a difference, to bring about change for themselves and the women of the future.
Facebook’s Ellie Rogers said “Communication is key, find your voice and use it wisely. Your opinion counts, so say what you want to say from day one because you are the ones who can make the difference.”
This inspiring event was part of a series run by the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia for girls from Schools across Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to the next installment.