10 March 2017

What does the Bible really have to say about what it means to be a woman?

​​What does the Bible really have to say about what it means to be a woman? Does the Bible say what you might expect it to say? This term in Biblical Studies, Year 9 girls have been analysing the portrayal of women in the Bible. Their research has uncovered that God created women equal to men and that all humans are made 'in God's image' and so are inherently valuable (Genesis 1). A stroll through the Bible demonstrates how God recognises the unique and significant capacity of women in many areas of life. Proverbs 31:10-31 describes the ideal woman of the Old Testament who was resourceful, faithful and wise, worked, owned and purchased property, traded with merchants, burned the midnight oil for the sake of her family, helped the poor, enjoyed shopping, was loved by her children and laughed! It is encouraging to see how the Old Testament writing shows how the capabilities of women have been acknowledged in the Bible for centuries.

It is fairly well-known that Jesus was wildly controversial in his day, turning all kinds of social conventions on their head. Often people overlook the fact that his interaction with women was particularly scandalous. Jesus treats women with revolutionary respect in the New Testament. In numerous counter-cultural acts, Jesus has female friends, associates with women of questionable reputation and heals women who have become outcasts of society (Mark 5:25-34). Jesus promises these women that by knowing God they will find satisfaction in their longing for deep relationships. Jesus trusts women with the news that He is the Christ (John 4:1-26). Women were there at his birth, women were there at the cross, and women were the first eyewitnesses of his resurrection in a culture where a woman was not permitted to give testimony in a court of law. This makes it astounding to see that women were the first to spread the word about the most important event in the Bible, the good news that Jesus had risen from the dead. Year 9 girls have discovered how Jesus' actions and words model the value and precious worth of women. 

Happy International Women's Day!

Mrs Christine Grice
Biblical Studies Teacher