Our boarders enjoy a lunch over the weekend
12 February 2016

Welcome to the boarding house

Hannah of Year 7 joined our boarding house this year. Mrs Clancy spoke to her and gained some insights into living in our home away from home.

Where are you from and what did you know about the boarding house before you came in Year 7?
I am from Condobolin NSW and knew that boarding was fun and lots of girls enjoyed it. Even my mum enjoyed it.

How is boarding different from being at home and going to school?
Boarding at school is different and my old public school was small. We don't have any boarding schools at home.

How have you decorated your room in the boarding house?
I've decorated my room nicely, so I know where everything is and I hardly lose anything at all.

How often do you get to leave the boarding house?
I get to leave often, when I have sport or if I want to go down the street - which is probably four times a week.

What has been the most challenging/hardest part about joining the boarding house in Year 7?
The most challenging thing was fitting in and trying to make new friends. 

What has been the highlight of the year so far for you?
The highlight of the year for me is getting used to all the different things that happen in Year 7, it's different from Year 6. Also, making a ton of friends and being at an amazing school with the best teachers ever!

Mrs Deb Clancy
Head of Boarding and Academic Care 

​(Hannah is now is Year 9)