17 May 2016

Walk Safely to School Day

At St Catherine's we encourage all students and staff to 'go green' to school whenever possible.

A great way to start is to participate in National Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 20 May. If it's a little too far from home, park a bit further away and walk your daughter safely to school from there. You might be surprised at how great you feel when you get here!

Now in its 17th year, National Walk Safely to School Day is an annual event when all primary school children will be encouraged to get those little legs moving and walk safely to school. It is a community event seeking to promote road safety, better health, use of public transport and caring for the environment.

The Prime Minister encourages everyone to participate in the 17th annual National Walk Safely to School Day in his open letter.

So double-knot those shoelaces and give it a go!​