10 August 2018

Une fête des talents

​Languages Week has arrived! This year’s theme is Fête des talents, a celebration of skills. In our increasingly globalised world it is more and more important to recognise, embrace and showcase the many cultures and languages of our global community. Languages offer us common ground where we can come together to explore and understand the perspectives of our neighbours. There is so much to explore beyond the English-speaking world. 

During STC time last week, in preparation for Languages Week, Year 8 took a trip around the world with their St Catherine's passports. Each classroom transformed into five different countries where students explored the cities and embraced different tourist activities in China, France, Japan and Spain. They even did some time travelling to Ancient Rome.

As we kicked off the week on Monday, we saw the students discovering the tradition of Japanese sumo wrestling! On Wednesday we showcased the singing talents of the girls as they joined in the Mundo Vision Foreign Song Contest. And tomorrow, we end the week with the sporting skills of teachers and students in a World Cup soccer match. 

It's been great fun with languages this week at St Cath's. 

Ms Candace Robertson
Head of Languages