09 June 2017

URSTRONG Day of Friendship

​Through fun role-plays, students in Stages 1 and 2 learnt the basics of friendship. They were introduced to the '4 Friendship Facts', qualities of a great friend, and how to use the 'Friend-o-meter' to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships. Dana Kerford, founder of URSTRONG led Stage 3 in a discussion on the importance of standing up for themselves, what is normal in a friendship, and the significance of respect and trust. Finally, tips for keeping friendships healthy in the digital world were shared with the girls.

"To be a good friend you have to be able to say sorry. You shouldn't say that you are best friends forever because you won't be. There is no such thing as BFF."
Dominique Cullen Feng 2N

"A 'Friendship Fire' is when you are arguing with one friend. We learnt that talking it out in a quiet space helps to put out the fire. We know that we should do it for ourselves because our parents and friends can't help to put out our fires."
Mika Selden 4L

"A healthy friendship is based on respect and trust. An unhealthy friendship is when people don't care about you or what you think. No friendship is perfect but 'mean-on-purpose' behaviour should be reported." 
Cintra Maldonado 6S

Mrs Anne Nicolaou
Coordinator of Academic Care K-6