05 January 2015

Top science award for former student

A former St Catherine’s student has won an award for the top female scientist in Australia. Professor Tamara Davis, who joined St Catherine’s in Year 3 and graduated from Year 12 in 1993, has been awarded the 2015 Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science from the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor Davis from the University of Queensland, studies the fundamental laws of physics, the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

She says she has fond memories of her time at St Catherine’s. “I still appreciate the great grounding I had in maths and physics, as well as the sporting and musical activities that laid the groundwork for much of the leadership I have needed in my physics career.”

In this TedX presentation she gave at Noosa in 2014 she talked about growing up on Coogee Beach and the parallels between what she learned about natural forces on the beach and the way the universe works.

Professor Davis says she hopes to come back to St Catherine’s in 2015 to meet the girls and give a talk about her career.