31 March 2017

Tildesley Shield Tennis Success

​​When you think of St Catherine's School sport you think, 'can do', 'pretty good', 'respectful', 'great team spirit', 'fun', 'competitive', 'positive'. With our Tildesley Shield team this year, we were all that and more.

We started our 2017 Tildelsey Shield campaign feeling 'under done', due to the rain. It had rained more than any other Term 1 that I can remember. This didn't dampen the girl's spirit or commitment. We trained in the gym, in the classrooms and even on court in the rain, at times.

Wednesday is Singles Day and the girls were expected to play five rounds (if weather permitted) and we kept on winning. Piper Freeman in Year 7 went down narrowly 8-7 to a Year 11 girl. It was a tough match to play in her first Tildesley Shield. We lost another three in the first round, with the girls all giving great performances and remaining positive at the end of their matches. Monique Burton, Catherine Aulia and Georgia Collins all made it through to the third round. It was in this round that Georgia in Year 12 said goodbye to Tildesley Shield. There was a tear shed and a quick hug, then everyone went back to cheering on Monique and Catherine.

Thursday was Doubles Day and we were amped as a team. Doubles is always high energy and a lot of high-fiving. With five pairs representing us and singles still going, the St Catherine's coaches and sports staff were spread thin. It didn't faze our doubles girls though, they were well-prepared and itching to play after soaking up the Tildelsey Shield atmosphere on Wednesday.  With tough matches again, two of our pairs went out in the first round. One of those pairs Macushla Flanagan/Isabella Jacobson were lines girls in 2016. Their hard work, determination and persistence paid off, and they are a great example of what can happen with those traits and realistic goal setting. The other three pairs made it to the third round. In this round we lost another pair, narrowly losing in a highly competitive match. Maddison Hayman/Hannah Collins and Minnie Hinchcliffe/Isabella Meyrick made it through to the fourth round - a first for both those pairs and a solid effort from all our doubles girls.

Friday, we were back again to finish the matches that hadn't been completed due to the rain delays. Monique and Catherine were still playing and in the semifinals no less. They did finish on a high though, with everyone watching in awe at the terrific standard of tennis. I'm sure I heard some people say "those St Catherine's girls can play". These two matches would be our last for the 2017 Tildesley Shield. We weren't sad though - we were excited. I think we all knew we had competed well and maybe achieved a feat that had never been achieved before at St Catherine's School.

Second place at the 99th Tildesley Shield and the girls were all cheering!

A big thank you goes to our Head Coach Michael Rizk and his team of Coach Tyra, Coach Rey and Coach Frederique for all their fantastic efforts in preparing and motivating the team.

Mr Andrew Yanitsas
Head of Senior School Sports