Prefects practise their leadership
16 February 2018

The responsibilities of leadership

​​​​Last week, the 2018 prefects practised their leadership skills at three very different but equally important events. On Wednesday, prefects, house captains and vice captains met with junior school classes to begin their role of mentoring a junior school class. This is a much anticipated responsibility by both the prefects and the junior school students. Our head girl, Julia Lim, will work directly with one of our Year 6 classes, preparing the Year 6 students for the responsibility of leading the junior school, while also preparing them for life in the senior school. Some of the prefects mentoring Kindergarten classes were extremely excited to work with the younger students and are hoping to visit the junior school every week. The junior school students take great joy from this program, and the Year 12 leaders recognise the importance of the responsibility as well as the honour they have in working with junior school girls.

Later on Wednesday afternoon the prefects prepared for the Year 7 welcome party. They chose the theme of 'fluro' because they remembered the fluro-themed welcome party the prefects held for them in 2013! The Year 7 girls entered the JBH with a great energy and enjoyed playing limbo, fruit salad, and a dancing competition that I never quite figured out but if squealing with joy is a sign of success – it was a triumph! Thank you to all the prefects and especially to our students' liaison prefect, Emma Lesmond, who organised the event flawlessly.

Then on the Thursday morning, our prefects were officially commissioned by Archbishop, ​​Glenn Davies, at the annual commissioning of the Anglican school prefects. In his homily he spoke about the great responsibility the prefects have: "As prefects, you are servants. You are to serve the students at your school, to serve the teachers at your school." He talked about the importance of honouring the students that were not elected as prefects, by serving them. Reverend Davies reminded the students that while part of being a prefect is sitting up the front of assemblies and other events, it is what you do when you are not up the front, that defines your leadership.

From working with junior school students, throwing a party for our Year 7s, and attending a solemn event in honour of their position at the school, our 2018 prefects have already shown great leadership, service, and integrity. I look forward to updating you with more of the prefects' activities this year.

Mrs Daisy Turnbull Brown
Director of Positive Psychology | Humanities Teacher ​