26 May 2017

The inaugural Choral Showcase

St Catherine's held its inaugural Choral Showcase ​last Thursday. A ​chapel full of parents and friends heard girls from Years 1 to 12 perform in our four choirs and a cappella group, as well as outstanding solos from Tilley Edwards Hill (Year 4) and Caitlyn Bateman (Year 12). The audience was treated to an evening of great variety, starting with our Stage 1 c​​hoir performing Rubber Ducky, and finishing with a massed choir performance of It's Bonfire Season by Australian composer Alice Chance. 

Our Choral Director and Composer in Residence, Dr Huw Belling, encouraged the audience to join their voice in song whenever possible, pointing out that it doesn't just develop our brains and provide us with the same endorphins as when we are in love, but that it is fundamental to who we are.

Mr David Gresham
Director of Music