05 August 2016

The NED Show

Last week, the DJSC theatre was filled with the sound of laughter as Junior School students and staff were entertained by Chad and his cartoon character friend, NED. Chad and NED, whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best, promoted the important messages of demonstrating kindness and aiming for academic excellence. The girls were entertained with story-telling, magic, humour and yo-yo tricks while being inspired and encouraged to explore and further develop their character strengths. 

 I liked how Chad used a yo-yo to make the show exciting. He told us to never give up and if you're given a chance you should take it because you might never get that opportunity again. I loved it when Chad made a brain fireworks hat to remind me that I can achieve my goals.
Grace Walley 2D

 Chad used a fun way to teach children what they need to learn. Even if you are about to give up on something he told us we should just keep persevering. I've learnt the NED message and now I'm going to use it every day.
Alex Beard 4C


NED is an easy and amazing thing to remember throughout your life. The ideas of never giving up, encouraging others and doing your best will help all of us to follow and achieve our dreams.
Maddison Farrow 6S


Mrs Anne Nicolaou
Coordinator of Academic Care K-6