28 October 2016

Internationally renowned technology experts visit the Junior School

​Two leading technology educators from Singapore visited St Catherine's on Monday to run workshops with students and staff from across the Junior School. Kim Vernon and Craig Kemp are experienced educators who are passionate about integrating technology into the curriculum and creating globally connected learners.

Kim spent the day with our younger students weaving Beebots and coding into engaging literacy and mathematics based lessons. Craig introduced several classes to Mystery Skype, an exciting 60 minute lesson which involves connecting with another classroom somewhere in the world. Using problem-solving and geographical skills and knowledge, students ask questions to figure out their location. After school, teachers spent the afternoon with Craig and Kim learning how to create short films using green screen technology. 

It was a highly rewarding experience for students and staff. Many rich conversations were overheard and shared throughout the day inspiring many exciting learning opportunities for the future.

Ms Amanda Dodson
Stage 1 Leader and STEM Specialist


6Y Mystery Skype

On Monday 24 October, 6Y had a special visitor come and talk to us. His name is Mr Kemp and he works in educational technology in Singapore. He helps teachers use technology in the right way with their students. He is currently travelling around the world and introducing a new geographical game called, 'Mystery Skype'.

Mystery Skype is a fun way to learn about our planet without writing in our textbooks. You start off by Skyping a school from anywhere around the world. The aim of the game is to guess the country, city and then name of the school that you are Skyping. You take turns in asking yes or no questions.

Each student in the class is given a job. The greeter, runners, questioners, answerers, researchers, note-takers, supervisors and reporter. All of us played a vital part in discovering our mystery school. We had to think logically on what questions to ask and how the answer to that question could benefit us.

With a lot of teamwork and logical thinking we figured out that we were talking with a class in Taiwan. This was a challenging, but rewarding experience for all of us.

Patricia Hardas 6Y


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