19 May 2017

Taronga's Zoomobile visits Kindergarten

Kindergarten are learning about living things during science this term. To enhance their learning, the girls enjoyed a special visit from Taronga Zoo's 'Zoomobile'. They observed and interacted with a shingleback lizard, a bearded dragon, a green tree frog, a ringtail possum, an echidna and a spiny​ leaf insect. 

Kindergarten walked away more curious than ever about living things, asking lots of intriguing questions: 

'What would happen if the green tree frog lived in the desert?' – Holly Hancock

​'If a lizard is in the desert, how does it live without water?' – Eve Kalan

For more photos, please browse our Facebook album. ​

Ms Amanda Dodson
Coordinator of STEM and Stage 1 Leader