Students eating at school
21 May 2019

Sustainable Deli

‚ÄčWe always have the health and happiness of our customers at heart here in the Deli. Apart from bringing you the healthiest food we can for school recess and lunch, we are working towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly service too!

Here's where we are at on the recycling:

  • Salads and hot foods are served in containers at recyclable level 1 (breaks down after one year).
  • Yoghurts and fruit salad are 'environmentally friendly' recyclable.
  • Juices, milk and water are part of the government recycle 10c cashback scheme.
  • Sushi boxes are recyclable level 2 (breaks down after two years) but we are looking into 'environmentally friendly' for Term 3. 
  • And, as of Term 1 this year we have put in place a 'no straws' policy and our forks and spoons are 'eco-friendly'.

We are running down any stock that does not fit with all the above. 

Thanks for supporting us in our efforts towards a cleaner world!

Mrs Lee Sindermann
Deli Manager