02 September 2016

Supermodel stops by St Cath's

In Week 6 assembly, Indonesia's first supermodel, Tracy Trinita, shared her amazing story with students in Years 7-12.

When Tracy was growing up in Bali, she thought of herself as an ugly duckling. Her Brazilian heritage meant she was much taller than her school friends, who used to call her 'giraffe'. All of that changed when Tracy won the 'Elite Model Look International' competition in 1995. Not only was she the first Indonesian ever to win this prestigious competition, at age 14 she was offered a glamorous life in New York as a highly-paid fashion model. Overnight, Tracy went from being a figure of fun in the playground to being surrounded by fawning fashion industry workers, all clamouring to have her model for them. As Indonesia's first super-model, she went on to work for top designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo and Benetton and paraded the catwalks of New York, Milan, Paris, Spain and Sydney.

You might imagine that this life was everything she'd hoped for: fame, fortune and being friends with celebrities, but surrounded by fame and glamour, she felt a distinct emptiness. Tracy realised that there were people around her who were far happier than she was. Seeing this made her curious, and began her on a journey of discovery that led to her investigating the claims of the Bible, and to her becoming a Christian.

Students warmed to Tracy's very honest sharing of her hopes and dreams, as she revealed some of the secret realities of those in the fashion industry. Most of us can only dream longingly (and enviously) of having the life of a fashion model. Tracy's address was a powerful reminder that fame and fortune does not bring the fulfilment that most of us dream it might, and that true fulfilment is not that far from each of us.

Her full address can be seen here. ​​

Rev Alex Koch