12 May 2017

Social or shocking? A generation divided over 'sexting'

​I was shocked to read in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 January this statement regarding sexting: "It is absolutely a normal part of teenage sexual development…Teenagers are not going to stop sending those images to each other any more than they are going to stop pashing at parties." (SMH 2017) As I read this, I had to reflect – has it become the norm to send a 'sext' to a boy or potential partner? How can we work with young women to help them to develop the self-respect they need to build strong and respectful relationships and be confident and resilient young women?

Read more from our Head of Academic Care, Mr​s Deborah Clancy, about our responsibility to educate ourselves about the ever-expanding world of social media and the way it is defining our daughters' generation.​