St Catherine's Research Centre for Library lovers day 2018
16 February 2018

Sharing the love on Library Lovers' Day

​​​If our St Cath's catchcry of 'Love School' is anything to go by, it was certainly proved this week in the research centre with an outpouring of affection for our wonderful library.

On 14 February, it's become a tradition for libraries to celebrate Library Lovers' Day. This year, both students and staff were asked to take a moment to consider what a library, any library, has meant to them over the years. With a theme this year of 'Love letters to libraries' our St Cath's community responded with many heartfelt thoughts about our own library as well as other significant libraries that have touched the hearts of our community.

Pop into the research centre if you can to read some of the 'love letters' we received. It was gratifying to hear how the effort of making a welcoming and peaceful (most of the time!) space for our girls to study, research, collaborate and sometimes simply chill with a book or magazine, has been appreciated by both girls and staff alike.

The celebration continued at lunch time on Wednesday with another popular staff vs student quiz. Contestants had to guess a book from the salutation of a letter as in "Dear Amy and Jo" or "Dear Dr Watson". Speed was a factor in any chance of winning. We'd like to thank our regular quiz participants, heavily weighted toward the English department (you know who you are) and other teachers for giving up a lunch time and our Year 12 girls for their great team spirit and literary knowledge. The teachers won this time round, but we do have to take into account how much longer they've been reading!

As always, we love having you in the research centre, we love helping to find the right book for you. In fact, visits to our 'matchmaker' this week were taken up by girls and staff alike and we are so happy to see our carefully curated collection inspire and delight our borrowers.

Yours truly,

Ms Nicky Schey
Head of Research Centre