04 November 2016

Sharing a love of music

​Earlier in the year, our Year 6 musicians visited St Marys North Public School as part of our of collaboration with The Australian Chamber Orchestra's Music and Art program working with disadvantaged schools. That day was performance-based. Since then, the St Marys students have been writing compositions to coincide with the theme of the project. They will present their works to our girls later this month when St Marys visit us for the curriculum aspect of the program. Our Year 6 girls have begun preparations for this and, in class, they have been listening to and discussing music using art as a stimulus. Some of the observations and use of music terminology have been quite insightful. We look forward to hosting the young musicians from St Marys PS later this month. Watch this space for the second instalment!

Mrs Marnie-Ruth Dunstan
Head of Music - Curriculum​