22 July 2016

Shakespeare is alive and well at St Catherine's!

​​​"Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win, By fearing to attempt."In celebration of William Shakespeare's 400-year legacy, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 English classes participated in the grandest of all grand events: The inaugural "Shakespeare Shoutout!" competition.

 In classes, students were given a choice of sonnets and had to perform in groups. Shakespearean sonnets are all similar in structure consisting of fourteen lines containing three quatrains and one couplet using a specific rhyme scheme. The subject matter ranged from love to the power of words, and of course comparisons to summer days. 

Groups were then selected from each of their respective classes to compete with other classes in the Research Centre to see who would be the greatest orator of Shakespeare poetry ever! The performances ranged from raps to theatrical renditions, to silent signage of his words and even a violin solo. The audience laughed, cried, sighed, booed and laughed again, clearly engaged with each interpretive poetry performance. While each troupe brought their exceptional styles, there could only be one winner from each year group and so the judges were tasked with a very difficult decision. 

A distinctive range and unique voice was given to Shakespeare's poetry in every performance and there was absolutely no 'fear to attempt'! It was impressive to see the girls bring the words to life and create new interpretations of these wonderful sonnets. The performances were amazing to witness and students should be proud of losing their 'traitorous doubts' and enjoying the beauty and brilliance of the Bard in a modern context.​​

Mr Brody Vancers
​English Teacher