01 June 2017

Seeing the world through a different lens

​​For the first time the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) will feature films made by people with disabilities. 'Screenablity' is the platform developed by the SFF, Screen Australia and the NSW Department of Family and Community services and will feature six cutting edge works at this year's festival.

Johanna Garvin (OG 2009) has collaborated with her friend Emily Dash to make The Milky Pop Kid​, both are 26 and have cerebral palsy. Their's is a short film about an actor who hires a disabled person to coach him in how to be disabled. It's funny. It's meant to be. But it has another message of course, why not just hire a disabled actor?

"Not only actors living with disabilities should be given more opportunities, but other creatives like writers, directors and cinematographers living with disabilities should all be given a chance, because it just adds more diversity to stories and more insights," Jo said.

Jo Garvin has never been afraid to tackle life head on. Her short film and debut as a director is testament to that. Strength of character underpins achievement at St Catherine's and Jo embodies this to the core.

Congratulations on your success Jo, St Catherine's couldn't be more proud of you!

The Sydney Film Festival runs from June 7 to 18.

Photo Johanna Garvin and Emily Dash: ABC News | David Collins