14 October 2016

Seeking local representatives

​Dear Resident,

As you may be aware, approval has been given by the Department of Planning and Environment for the demolition of some existing facilities and the construction of new infrastructure at St Catherine’s School on Albion Street, Waverley.

A community consultative committee will be established for the period of demolition and construction to provide a forum for dialogue between St Catherine’s School and representatives of the local community, stakeholder groups and local councils on issues relating to the development. We are looking for a mix of people who live locally to join the new St Catherine’s School Development Community Consultative Committee. Members of the Community Consultative Committee would attend meetings (approximately 4 times a year), raise issues of interest to the local community, and report back to the community on matters raised at the committee.

If you wish to represent your community on this committee, or would like more information about it, please contact the independent chairperson:
Roberta Ryan at