St Catherine's students help the Salvation Army to raise money during Red Shield Appeal
08 June 2018

Red Shield Appeal

​On the last Sunday in May, 208 St Catherine's girls gave up their time to support the Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal. Collecting money in the local areas around Bondi, Bronte, Randwick and Clovelly, many senior school girls dressed in their school uniforms and red duffel coats to eagerly support the cause. The Salvation Army has been a charity since 1865 and for 153 years they have worked tirelessly to provide support and encouragement to people struggling with hunger, homelessness, abuse and addiction. St Catherine's girls helped the Salvation Army raise an amazing amount of money to help with their mission. Thank you to all girls who participated.

Daisy | Year 9

And a word from the Salvos themselves...

St Cath's girls collected in eight areas and were responsible for collecting close to $13,000. This represents 43 per cent of the total collection in the Bondi/Waverly area. It is a fabulous result and an indication of the integral role the St Cath's girls play in the overall appeal. Indeed, this percentage figure is rising each year.

As always, the girls are delightful, well mannered and enthusiastic. The community responds in such a warm and positive way when they see the girls collecting for a worthwhile cause. Most importantly, the girls have made a significant contribution towards those Australians in need of assistance.​​