St Catherine's random acts of kindness all around the school with students serving pizza to Year 12 before their exams
27 July 2018

Random acts of kindness

​​The senior school was abuzz with random acts of kindness over the last few weeks of Term 2. 

Year 12 were the happy recipients of some sweet treats from Year 9 Patterson girls prior to their recent examinations. Year 11 shared a cup of tea with Year 7 Patterson and Year 10 were invited to a morning tea by Year 8 Bronte. Year 7 received some study tips and purple 'zappos' from Year 7 Hulme-Moir. Another Year 7 group created a cosy cubby for the prefects to enjoy cakes and lollies during their meeting to thank them for everything they do to lead the school. ​

Staff were excited to receive some random messages of kindness on their chairs at assembly and, on one of the coldest and wettest days last term, the happy and kind thoughts from Year 7 were uplifting and made the teachers' day!

Mrs Deborah Clancy
Head of Boarding and Academic Care