25 August 2016

RPAC has benefits beyond the school gate

The RPAC will undoubtedly create many opportunities for our girls while at school, but Year 7 parent Peter Shorthouse was also motivated to give by the benefits he saw beyond the school gate. He sees his donation to the RPAC as an important investment in St Catherine's reputation as a school that leads and innovates, that has world-class facilities and that educates the most adaptable and broadly skilled girls for the future. 

"I expect that in future, as education needs are changing, peers and employers will recognise those schools that best embrace innovation, technology and creative skills", Mr Shorthouse explains. "The St Catherine's name will become a more significant asset on the CV of our daughters, and give them a valuable edge when embarking on their careers."

Mr Shorthouse also recognises the important role the RPAC will play in preparing our students for further education and future employment. Knowing they are prepared for working in the modern world will give our girls greater confidence in their capabilities and career choices.

In making a donation to the RPAC and joining the St Catherine's Foundation, Mr Shorthouse is helping ensure his daughter, her peers, and future generations of students will benefit from their association with St Catherine's. 

If you would like to make a donation and help advance St Catherine's reputation as future-focussed school, please click here.​