Junior school students are in the Paddock to meat bus ready to answer questions
05 April 2019

Paddock to plate

​The story of Australian meat production was shared with students in Years 2, 3 and 4 using immersive and engaging 360-degree virtual reality video. Here are some Year 3 impressions of their immersive experience:

"The video started with an Aussie barbeque on the beach. The ladies told us that when the animals are slaughtered they need to be calm and relaxed, and then we get softer meat." Olivia Rooke

 "We started off on a farm with lots of sheep. It showed how the sheep need to be healthy to get good quality meat. We saw the different stages on the farm and the meat being delivered to the butcher." Cleo Nelson

"The farmer scans the sheep to see if they have any illnesses. A sick animal needs to be separated from the other animals on the farm so the other animals don't get sick. It was fun learning about the farm sitting on a comfortable coach." Nikoletta Veneti

Mrs Anne Nicolaou
Stage 2 Leader and Coordinator of Academic Care K–6