13 October 2017

Our clever Year 10 coders

‚ÄčLast term, 25 students from Year 10A Mathematics class participated in the NCSS Challenge run by National Computer Science School and the University of Sydney. It is a software programming competition teaching students to code in Python, a programming language used for many different purposes like web applications and scientific research.

The NCSS Challenge was offered as an enrichment unit and the class worked on it once or twice a week during mathematics lessons and at home. The competition ran for five weeks from July to September. A set of notes was released at the beginning of each week with the work the students needed to complete for the week's programming challenges. Ms. Yeoum coordinated and guided the girls through this competition.

This was the first time these girls had done any form of coding and programming. They achieved great results over the competition with five students achieving a perfect score, three high distinctions and four distinctions.

Perfect Score

  • Ellen Zhang
  • Jasmin Yip
  • Maya Rusli
  • Aisling Harrison
  • Elisabeth Cola

High Distinction

  • Madeleine Hagerman
  • Eva Nicolaou
  • Isabella Plaisted


  • Katia Geha
  • Mathilde Hinchcliffe
  • Junias Tjanaria
  • Angela Wei

 Congratulations girls.

Mathematics Department‚Äč