18 April 2016

Our Japan trip

‚ÄčOn 9 April during the holidays a group of 22 girls and three teachers set off for a Japanese adventure to Tokyo and Osaka.

Our first stop was Tokyo where we travelled through the city by crowded trains and walked through beautiful blossoming cherry blossoms at Ueno Park. The Tokyo Skytree gave us girls an amazing 360 degree view of the city at 634 metres high. A day at Disneyland gave us an opportunity to discover our inner child and enjoy the dazzling lights of the night time light show. Harajuku was another highlight of our trip because of the countless places to shop!

We then travelled to Osaka by bullet train which can travel up to 443 km/h. We also went to Hiroshima, where we visited Miyajima Island and explored the very beautiful scenery and looked at the famous Itsukushima Shrine. The island was very enjoyable for the girls as it was full of deer roaming around and cute little shops. After this we visited the city of Hiroshima where we went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. All of the girls found the museum to be extremely moving and many even the highlight of the trip.

We also visited the Golden temple in Kyoto which was very beautiful and definitely worth a picture. Later on we met our host sisters and left with them for the weekend. During this time we learnt a lot about Japanese culture and especially ate lots of delicious food. On the Monday we arrived at our Japanese sister school, Ohtani High school, with our host sisters and were welcomed by the lovely students and teachers there at the assembly. All of the students at the school were very kind and excited to see us.

Every one of us had an amazing time travelling to Japan and staying with our homestay sisters from Ohtani. This trip gave us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a different culture and language. We also created new friendships between our host sisters and the students of Ohtani. The Language department offers a range of different opportunities to travel and learn a new culture and it is a brilliant way to improve our language learning.

Sumaiya Rahman and Gabriella Sasvary
Year 11