St Cath's girls at the Prince of Wales hospital with staff and patients
23 November 2018

Our Big Kitchen and volunteering at Prince of Wales of Hospital

On Monday 12 November around 14 girls went to the Bondi Our Big Kitchen facility to help out and volunteer at the organisation. The girls were briefed to package up to 4000 honey biscuits which were to be delivered to the Prince of Wales Hospital the following day. We spent 4 hours packaging these biscuits as well as writing encouraging notes for the staff and patients like "Keep smiling, have a great day!" and "Be brave enjoy these cookies made with love" The following day we arrived at the hospital, coincidentally it was International Kindness Day which was celebrated at the hospital and connected with our purpose of delivering biscuits. We got changed into bumble bee costumes and began, first covering the spinal unit, followed by the transplant, cardiovascular, aged care, and surgery units. We were also fortunate to be able to visit the adults' emergency room and many staff who were incredibly busy were very grateful for a cookie package. 

The idea was to show some kindness and support in our community to people who work long hours helping other people, and to share and encourage positivity for patients. The St Catherine's girls were extremely enthusiastic and committed to handing out the biscuits to as many patients and staff possible, meaning we covered many wards and units. The chance of being able to brighten someone's day with biscuits and handwritten notes was an incredible experience that all the girls valued greatly. Seeing staff in the middle of a long shift smile as they read a note, or singing "You are my sunshine" to a patient going through a hard time was a life-changing activity and an amazing experience which I'm so grateful for.

Hannah Farrow Year 10​