29 May 2015

National celebration of reading

​Pigs and Pugs, a celebration of K-12 reading caused much laughter in the Senior School Research Centre this week.
More than 460,000 children at over 3,100 locations across Australia, came together to read a book on Wednesday 27 May at 11am during National Simultaneous Storytime.
The book of choice was Aaron Blabey’s Pig the Pug. This fantastic story deals with the importance of sharing in a wonderfully imaginative and hilarious way.
Our Kindergarten girls were invited over to the Senior School Research Centre and were greeted by their Year 11 reading friends. The Kindergarten girls had a wonderful morning. The Year 11 students were overwhelmed with the rich and diverse questions that they were asked about the book.
This was a delightful opportunity for our Year 11 students to act as role models for the younger girls and what a wonderful way to celebrate reading!
The Research Centre Team