St Catherine's students preparing for their mock trial
27 July 2018

Mock trial

​The St Catherine's School Mock Trial team has participated in the fourth round of the Law Society of NSW Mock Trial competition. The girls took the role of the prosecuting team in a criminal trial against Sydney Girls' High. The standard of the trial was extremely high and the magistrate commended the girls on their preparation and execution of the case. Despite winning the trial on the facts, the girls were defeated​ by only 8 points. Congratulations to our Year 10 barristers, Charlie Barry and Claire Smith and our solicitor, Aisling Bligh. Our witnesses, Eleanor Birkhold and Nala Hong were strong and held our case together very well. Thanks to Alicia Bornor for ably administering the trial as the magistrate's clerk. Our Mock Trial journey has now come to an end for 2018 as we missed out on qualifying for the elimination rounds. The team is already preparing for their 2019 campaign.  

Mrs Joanna Graffen and Mr Stephen Jabaji
Humanities Teachers ​