16 September 2015

Miss Patterson Memorial Service

St Catherine’s held a memorial service for the late Miss Patterson, the longest serving headmistresses in St Catherine’s history on 11 September. Leading the school from 1955-1987, Faith Patterson dedicated 33 years of her life to the School, and to upholding the Christian values and ethos that have formed St Catherine’s tradition.

Miss Patterson was just 28 years old when she took up her position as headmistress. During her time at the School, enrolments grew from 200 students to 900. Her influence is tangible even today and will continue to be present for years into St Catherine’s future. Miss Patterson passed at 89 years of age.

The memorial service was a wonderful occasion, with over 200 attendees present. Old girls and staff alike paid their respects to Miss Patterson, and spent much of the afternoon reminiscing about her long life, and influence.

St Catherine’s would like to honour Miss Faith Patterson by creating an endowment to support a means tested Scholarship named the Faith Patterson Scholarship. The Scholarship will be awarded to a student for the duration of years 11 and 12. Gifts to support the Scholarship are tax deductible.

For more information about the scholarship, please contact Marilyn Rickard, Director of Community Relations:
Phone: 02 8305 6238

Kathryn Robson
Media Comms Team