Students dressed up as knights, queens as in medieval times
27 July 2018

Medieval day 2018

​Our annual celebration of all things medieval began during StC time with an investigation into the development of the English language. Ms Mahon used the Lord's Prayer to compare Old, Middle and modern English and Dr Townsend read from Chaucer's Prioress' Tale. The afternoon was completed by the creation of stained glass windows which will illuminate the research centre over the coming term.​

MedievaLand began on the following Thursday morning with students in full medieval dress (queens, princesses, court jesters and peasants) being given fleas, lice and a sickness which could have been scurvy, leprosy or even the bubonic plague. In the apothecary, students found the 'cure' for their ailment and they made a pomander of perfumed petals to keep away the awful smell of the times. Medieval entertainment was experienced through games, dancing and by contemplating the Bruegel painting Children's Games. Jelly babies and jaffas were launched over the castle walls with the catapult and trebuchet; and students could be a knight on horseback and enter a bustling market in London with the aid of virtual reality. A banquet table filled with medieval delights: pottage, barley bread, honey cakes and freshly churned butter delighted our taste buds.

Special thanks goes to Ms Mahon, Miss Stathis and Mrs Cameron for bringing the Middle Ages to life by engaging our senses and creating such an educational, fun and unforgettable morning.

Ms Caitlin Lamour
Barker House Leader | ICT Integrator | Humanities Teacher â€‹

Reflections from Year 8 

My favourite events of the day included the play of self-defence and the joker performance. I also enjoyed getting to eat the medieval food and catapulting jelly babies over a castle wall! Ruby Madden

The first performance was very interesting as they gave us lots of valuable information in an interactive way and the last performance with the Jester was the icing on the cake as there were lots of laughs and we all went home amazed. Zoe Henningham

Costumes varying from castles to horses filled the research centre as we were given a medieval 'disease' ranging from leprosy to the plague. We took part in activities that really gave us a taste of medieval times. Olivia Debelle​