26 August 2016

Maths and Science Week 2016

Professor Michelle Simmons Science Assembly

The speaker at Science Week assembly was Professor Michelle Simmons from the University of New South Wales. Her research in the growing field of quantum computing is to do with our need for computers to be more powerful while becoming smaller in size. Professor Simmons was able to communicate an incredibly complex set of ideas in a way that was fluent and understandable to the girls. She offered insight into the challenges placed on science awareness, and particularly the role women play in the advancement of science. After her address, Professor Simmons fielded questions from the audience. The quality and depth of the questioning was testament to not only the engagement of the speaker, but the reasoning and capabilities of the girls in the audience.

Mathematics were not left out of the fun of our big week.  It was all about solving a problem daily and they were not easy!  Bella Li and Joanne Liu of Year 11 were awarded the first prize for solving the most problems correctly. We also had an interhouse problem-solving relay for Years 7 to 10. The winners were: Year 7- Bronte, Year 8 - Sutherland, Year 9 - Bronte, Year 10 - Barker. Congratulations to all girls who participated. 

MasterChem Tuesday

Ten students were pitted against each other in an elimination battle to see who was the ultimate MasterChem. The contest involved being able to precisely measure and mix acids and bases, determine body organs and locations, sort out minerals using a classification key, and the final challenge determined who had the nerves of steel required to be crowned MasterChem 2016. Congratulations to Chelsea Kinnaird of Year 9 for progressing through the trials to be declared ultimate champion for Science Week 2016!

Problem solving with cookies

Our Year 12 students organised a fun-filled activity on Wednesday at lunch time. The students had to solve a maths problem to earn a cookie. The harder the problem, the bigger the reward. The upper quadrangle was reverberating to music and energy from the cookies and the brainpower!

Kahoot Thursday 

Close to 100 students and teachers competed in the Science /Maths lunchtime competition using the Kahoot app. Kahoot displays progressive scores so it generated a great deal of excitement and competitive spirit for all who played.

Interactive Science Friday

It has become a tradition on the Friday of Science week to have a liquid nitrogen ice cream stall during lunchtime! Flavoured milk is mixed with the chilling influence of liquid nitrogen to produce ice cream of around minus 190 degrees celsius. Judging by the queues, the stall was cool enough for all!

Watch our Maths and Science week video here. ​

Mr Shaun Lambden - Head of Science
Mrs Shanta Bose - Head of Mathematics