Girls are taking part in maths activities during Mathematics week
14 September 2018

Mathematics Week

​Our Mathematics Week was a great success with the girls participating in many fun activities. These included:

  • A mathematics interhouse relay for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10.
  • An 'escape room' problem solving activity for Year 9.
  • 'Solve a problem and receive a cookie' run by Year 12 extension 1 mathematics students
  • A guest speaker, Lily Serna, speaking at our senior school assembly.
  • Solving daily brain teasers and KenKens.

Here are some reflections of the week from a number of our students:

Lily Serna

Lily Serna, an Australian mathematician and television presenter, visited St Catherine's during Mathematics Week to tell us about her experience with mathematics. Lily enlightened us with entertaining anecdotes and provided us with key insights to the importance of mathematics and reasons why we should love it. Lily described how her grandfather had introduced her to the concept of infinity at a very young age and how that was a reason for her love for mathematics. Lily is a true role model, as on top of her fascinating yet funny stories, she eloquently addressed her passion for equality and diversity in the field of mathematics. Lily explained the reasons why many women were reluctant to follow careers in STEM industries and explained how we could change that. Her advice was to begin at home by eliminating any existing bias and to create a prejudice-free environment. Lily's presentation was relatable and informative, and a wonderful experience from which I am certain everyone gained something. Thanks again Lily! 

Alice Yang (Year 10)

'Escape Room'

The 'escape room' was an interhouse activity where we had to solve visual and word problems in order to escape. All the questions catered to different skills so that everyone in the house worked collaboratively. The process of answering questions and moving up levels was very rewarding and gave everyone a drive to work hard. Additionally, the winning house received 'bragging rights', which created more competition and determination. Overall, the 'escape room' was an entertaining and rewarding experience.

Zara Sheldrick-Aboud (Year 9)

'Solve a problem for a cookie'

After our STEM focused speech in assembly, by guest speaker Lily Serna, girls were eager to have a mathematical filled lunch and earn a treat in return. Year 12 students from extension classes made baked goods to reward students for their correct answers to questions of varied difficulty.

There were three tables (easy, medium and hard) covered in mathematical riddles, and the occasional Year 12 question that even we find challenging. A heave of students surrounded the tables and worked together, with the help of Year 12 and the mathematics department. It was great to see such enthusiasm and excitement in one of our best Mathematics Weeks yet. 

Meg Woods (Year 12)

A number of mathematical brain teasers were made available across the week, including a KenKen which is a numerical logic puzzle from Japan. Congratulations to Tara Dai (Year 9), Teddy Zuo (Year 12), Aisling Harrison (Year 11) and Hannah Cheung (Year 9), who submitted the most correct solutions over the week.


Mr Mark Smith
Assistant Head of Mathematics​