07 May 2015

Malcom Turnbull visit

​Malcolm Turnbull MP visited St Catherine's this week to speak to Years 11 and 12 about perseverance. As the Federal Member for Wentworth and the Minister for Communications, Mr Turnbull's face was familiar to everyone and the girls were eager to meet him.
Grit and success
Mr Turnbull spoke about the importance of grit and the trappings of success. He encouraged us to take risks in our careers and emphasised the role of creativity and flexibility in enabling us to have the courage to continue after setbacks. Mr Turnbull actively encourages the integration of technology in the workplace and daily life. He told us that our futures would be shaped by the development of technology and described the world as rapidly changing and disruptive - highlighting the need to have resilience.
When asked by a student about the comfort of not taking risks, Mr Turnbull discussed the culture of blame that discourages people from experimenting. He raised the fact that failure is highly subjective, and we should not feel shame when we do not achieve our goals.

Future skills
After his talk, Economics students had the opportunity to ask questions. Mr Turnbull spoke about a number of topics, including income equality and tax. He stated that there were three things that were vital for our generation to have in order to persevere in a rapidly evolving world: computer/technological skills, economic literacy and creativity through an open mind. He shared his love for learning with us and stated that technology is a great gift, as he continues to learn about new things every day.
Failure is not fatal
Mr Turnbull spoke with his renowned flair and skill, demonstrating his thorough experience of public speaking. With the High School Certificate looming and the prospect of university followed by our entry into the workplace, Mr Turnbull's words were a timely reminder that, as Winston Churchill stated 'Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.' We look forward to hosting Mr Turnbull in the future and seeing him around the Wentworth area.
Jacky Chan
Enrichment Prefect Year 12