Student literary magazine Myriad cover with article about two students loving photography
17 August 2018

MYRIAD literary magazine

We are proud to announce that the inaugural edition of MYRIAD, St Catherine's literary and art magazine, has just been launched online! Students from Years 7-12 have worked diligently this year to produce our very first online edition. As Scarlett Craig and Maisy Lam-Po-Tang, the Year 11 student editors, state in the magazine, "Despite it  being Issue One, we have seen myriad thought-provoking and beautiful pieces, and w​e only hope that MYRIAD will continue to represent St Catherine's creativity well into the future." MYRIAD will be published twice a year and our team are always interested to receive student submissions of art, poetry, non-fiction articles and short stories.

Please find the first edition here: MYRIAD Volume 1​ Winter 2018.​  We hope you enjoy the publication!

Mr Caputo and the MYRIAD Magazine Team​