08 September 2016

RPAC Delivers Dynamic Design

‚ÄčOver the last decade, new technologies and approaches to learning have dramatically influenced the design of classrooms and other learning spaces. We now understand the impact physical environment has on learning and the importance of designing school facilities to meet the changing needs of our students.

Modern classrooms need to be inspiring, flexible, spaces that incorporate technologies, promote interaction and support new learning practices. Research has shown that such environments are more likely to engage students, support collaboration, create new learning possibilities and enhance achievements.

Our Junior School Teacher Librarian, Lizzy Martin is a passionate advocate for dynamic learning space design. As the driving force behind St Catherine's wonderful Junior School Library, Lizzy was one of the key people consulted during the design phase of RPAC. We will continue to draw on her expertise and vision as construction progresses to ensure RPAC delivers learning spaces that are both innovative and inspiring.

A library is much more than a space to house books. It is a place for learning, engagement, collaboration, celebration, reflection and community. The new RPAC development is an exciting opportunity to transfer the magic of the Junior Library to a new, contemporary learning space for the future.

Lizzy Martin, Junior School Teacher Librarian

In order to realise our vision for RPAC and the creation of a future-focused learning environment, we must draw on the generosity of the school community. If you have not already donated to the RPAC campaign, we urge you to consider making a contribution.  Your support will help ensure RPAC makes a mark on St Catherine's and the future of our girls.To make a donation (which can be pledged over four years), please click here or phone 02 8305 6238 to speak with Marilyn Rickard, Head of Community Relations about your support.