13 August 2014

Learning to lead

​As our Year 11's head towards taking over the helm as leaders it seemed timely to focus on school leadership. The Year 11 Leadership Day was a wonderful opportunity for all the girls to come together and consider how they might work together serving each other as they lead the school through 2014/2015.

The day began with an exciting drumming session, where girls were able to demonstrate their teamwork and enthusiasm. The somewhat unusual and invigorating sounds that emanated from the JB Hall certainly caught the attention of passers-by.
In smaller groups the girls discussed who they admired as leaders and shared their character strengths, considering how these could be used to overcome challenge and applied to make them more effective leaders. It was certainly interesting to see that a number of common characteristics are shared by effective leaders including perseverance, high standards, ‘walking the talk’ and service to others. Other activities included public speaking and presentation skills and time was spent discussing what it means to be a student leader in the school ‘on the ground’– the highlights and the difficulties.

At the conclusion of the day we invited all the girls to be school leaders who would have:

• a purpose that will not weaken
• an enthusiasm that encourages others
• a perseverance that goes on long after things have become difficult
• a sense of humour that lightens the way
• courage to face unpopularity and opposition
• a deep dependence on others’ support
• selfless dedication to the task
• a perspective that invites others to join
Mrs Victoria Rennie and Mrs Deborah Clancy