04 August 2016

Latin and laughter in the Research Centre

​​It's Languages Week at St Cath's and boy did we have fun with Year 7 Latin in the Research Centre. We had a Harry Potter spell challenge which is very timely since the newest Harry landed this very week. Wingardium Leviosa! is always a firm favourite (it will make something fly) but we had many others to choose from and real wands to add to the drama.

We had a bunch of young scribes in one corner inscribing mottos on papyrus with ink or etching on wax tablets. A range of Roman games were ready to challenge including Duodecim Scripta (a bit like backgammon), Pecuniam Conicere (a coin toss), Ludus Latrunculorum (checkers), and the mill game (a bit like naughts and crosses).

We made Roman war helmets and swords and hurled insults at each other with Vescere bracis meis! "Eat my shorts!", Comminus Agamus! "Bring it on!" and Feles mala! "Bad kitty!" being popular choices.

We were even able to check if all roads really lead to Rome on an ancient map – they did! 

Everybody walked away with a bit more Latin under their tunics so if you hear the odd spell incantation this week or something a bit obscure muttered in a slightly insulting way – blame us!