St Catherine's students holding their prize as they placed second at the Kirby Cup Mooting Competition
16 November 2018

Kirby Cup Mooting Competition

On Tuesday 6 November, Maisy Lam-Po-Tang, Scarlett Craig, Claire Smith and Charlie Barry attended the Kirby Cup Mooting Competition hosted at Western Sydney University, Parramatta. The competition consisted of knockout rounds, where two barristers, a solicitor and a court officer would work in association against other schools in a legal case regarding the falsification on immigration documents. The team would either be defending the applicant or representing the Minister for Home Affairs. Barristers spoke for ten minutes, then a professor at the university asked questions on the strength and arguments of the case. 

Overall, it was an extremely beneficial experience allowing all involved to think on their feet and experience the emotions of a court case. The St Catherine's team placed second on the day out of the twelve schools attending. Consequently, all four students received conditional offers to study law at Western Sydney University.

I would like to thank Mr Jabaji for supporting us on the day. 

Charlie Barry, Year 10