Year 5 came first in a video challege and are posing in front of the school
12 April 2019

It's all action in the junior school

Adobe One Minute Video Challenge

On Tuesday in Week 10 St Catherine’s Years 5 and 6 Adobe Challenge teams attended The King’s School for a one minute video challenge. 

The girls collaborated in groups to create a one minute video around the theme ‘creativity’ using Adobe software. The event emphasised the use of video to express yourself as 'future experience makers'. Both teams came first in their year group categories and were commended for being the only girls' team represented at the event. The teams demonstrated their impressive collaboration, creativity and commitment on the day and in the training sessions. Well done girls!

St Catherine's winners of the Adobe One Minute Challenge pose with their prizes

Super Pollinators

Our Stage 1 students were buzzing with excitement on Thursday as they embarked on a workshop with the Super Pollinators. After spending weeks in our classrooms investigating bees, we were excited to meet with a bee expert to learn more about native bees and how we can look after these 'super pollinators'. Native bees are quite different to the honey bees we often think of. In fact many native bees are solitary, don't live in hives and don't produce honey. Carefully, using real hammers and nails, we worked in teams to make real bee hotels! Hopefully some of our local, solitary native bees will move in and then the hotels will form part of a super 'pollination highway' throughout Sydney.

Louisa Rowe
K-2 Leader | Junior School Teacher

Year 2 students showing the house they built for bees

Year 6 Ice-Cream Project

Year 6 have completed the Ice-Cream Project as part of a science unit exploring states of matter and reversible and irreversible changes. The unit culminated in the girls investigating the different states of matter that exist within the ice-cream making process, while also testing their individually designed new ice-cream flavours. The girls enjoyed the entire unit of work but especially loved the testing phase!

Jonathan Yeow 
Stage 3 Leader