24 February 2017

Hunt the Good Stuff

​​At St Catherine’s we have been hunting the good stuff, or practising gratitude, for seven years. This is because practising gratitude every day, either through a journal or conversation, can have very powerful impacts on your health and wellbeing. Just spending five minutes at the end of each day with your family and talking about the three best parts of the day, or what you are most grateful for, can improve your physical and psychological health.

Studies have shown that gratitude journaling can make you happier and healthier. Robert A Emmons, PhD from the University of California at Davis studied the impact of gratitude journaling. The participants were divided into three groups – the first group described five things they were grateful for, the second group wrote five things that displeased them, and the control group wrote five events that affected them. In ten weeks, participants from the gratitude group were 25% happier than the second group, had fewer health complaints and exercised for an average of 1.5 hours more a week.


Mrs Daisy Turnbull Brown
Director of Positive Psychology​

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